When Jericho agreed to introduce Cant Bon, the Democratic nominee for President, at a rally, he had no idea it would garner him millions of views and fame he didn’t want.  When he spent his eighteenth birthday casting his first vote for Cant Bon, he had no idea it would almost get him killed and throw him into the middle of a political fight that threatens to rip the United States apart.  


At the request of the President-Elect, looking to utilize his newfound fame, Jericho goes on the road with his best friend Kayla, and Alex, the good-looking and charming boy he just met, to film videos that aim to keep the country united. But, despite their work, the tension grows and the assassination attempts don't stop.


After Jericho and his friends discover a decades-old conspiracy designed to bring down the government, with some unexpected names at the center of it, they question whether Jericho being part of the election really was just a coincidence of circumstances.  In order to save the country, Jericho and those around him will have to expose the truth to the world. But how can they expect the truth to unite the country when it tears their allegiances apart?

New chapter published every tuesday

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