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"Tom Tancin has brought the imaginary world of Atlantis alive with exciting characters and amazing action."

-Readers' Favorite, 5 STARS

The Atlantis Revolution, an epic fantasy trilogy, follows sixteen-year-old Trey Atlas's quest to take his rightful place on the Atlantean throne and defeat the Knights of the Abyss who are looking to destroy the island and erase the young Prince's mysterious past. This collection includes all three books in The Atlantis Revolution.

An Update about Jericho

From Tom Tancin 6/11/2020

Writing has always been an escape for me. I started writing as a teenager and it became a way to manage the stress of my teenage years and to deal with my dad's struggle with a debilitating lung disease. Getting lost in my fictional worlds allowed me to have some time away from the hardships.  This has remained true for the past 23 years through many stresses and losses in my life.  It's also my main reason for publishing my stories, to help others escape into fictional worlds so they can take a break from the stress and hardships of their own lives.  I always hope my stories give them a brief reprieve which makes me feel like we're all helping each other through the challenges we face.  

The fictional story and world I created in Jericho now resemble our reality in many ways.  This means that writing Jericho is no longer an escape for me.  And it won't be an escape for readers either. Therefore, because it does not continue my purpose for writing or publishing, I have decided to stop writing and cancel the publication of the book.  I'm not postponing it as I've done before; Jericho will not be completed and will not be published. To anyone who was waiting for this story, I'm sorry and I hope you understand.  

The good news is, I have a few projects waiting for my focus, some of them are new and some have been waiting for many years.  I will share more as soon as I know which one ends up being the right story for me to tell next.  This is writing season for me so I'm sure it won't take long to get lost in a new (or old) world.

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Welcome to my official site.  This is my place to share my passions with the world.  Find out about my latest book, check out my graphic design projects, or keep up with my latest attempts to educate the world.  


By day, I'm a high school biology teacher who's always looking for new ways to improve education.  I am a proponent of project-based learning (PBL), standards-based grading (SBG), hybrid learning, and using technology to enhance education.  I also believe that the more students and teachers are involved in the decision making regarding their school, the better the school will be. I was a Keystone Technology Innovator STAR (2016) and a KTI Summit lead learner (2018, 2019). I co-organized an annual Science Fun Night for East Hills Middle School, YAPA BOOK CON, and I'm currently a co-planner of the science venue for the Cops 'n' Kids Celebration of Reading...the Arts and Sciences.


By night (and summer), I'm a writer and graphic designer.  I'm the author of the YA fantasy trilogy, The Atlantis Revolution, and the adult suspense series, the Lindsey Scott Thrillsteries.  My work has received 5 stars from Readers' Favorite, has been nominated for multiple awards, and has been published internationally. 

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