Escape rooms are an exciting way to get students engaged with content. They're great for encouraging research, reviewing for assessments, or to introduce new content. Even the most reluctant learners will try to win an escape room. But the issue is that most escape rooms you can find for free or purchase have parts of the tasks that are not content based. I'm going to focus on how the entire escape room can be content-based, thereby increasing the amount of time students are engaged with the content.

During this session, you'll participate in an escape room and see how I created topic focused escape rooms to immerse the students in the content. And you'll leave the session with some tools and tips to help you create engaging escape rooms for your students.
















Escape Room Google Form The form won't link directly. So open the link and then follow the instructions in the google sheet.

Escape Room Rules and Regulations Template


Escape Room Formatted Puzzles


Escape Room De-Coders Template


Color by Number QR Codes

Presented at: 

Parkland Tech Conference (April 2020)

PETE & C 2020 (February 2020)

BASD Tech Academy (August 2019)

Keystone Technology Innovators 2019 (July 2019)

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